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I'm an editor living and working in Minneapolis, MN. I work with authors and publishers to share ideas that deserve to be read. I'm a former editor from Oxford University Press and I've worked in book publishing since 2011. I help writers present their work clearly without compromising on style.

As an editor, I take pride in being an excellent reader. My experience is varied. I've read for literary agents at renowned agencies, managed the publication of award-winning medical resources, and assisted in the development of scholarly references that have shaped the way we conduct research today. In all of my work, I'm attentive to the relationships that writers build with their readers on the page. I care about the details and I believe in the power of books. 

I'm available for hire for developmental editing. I use inclusive language editing techniques to help avoid bias and ensure that every book is accessible to a wide range of readers. I'm interested in prescriptive and narrative nonfiction including environmental science; food studies; health and wellness; cultural criticism; and discussions of race, gender, and sexuality.  

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